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"I've been a Capital Region real estate investor for over 15 years. I've spent years working to familiarize myself not merely with property but with the people who own and reside in the buildings I've rented, bought, and sold. Each person's situation is unique; I enjoy crafting solutions that help clients accomplish their goals, especially when that means selling a property quickly, easily, and efficiently.
Getting to know each client is an experience I deeply enjoy. My primary goal is to learn how best I can serve your real estate needs and enable you to move forward in life, whether from a house that's driving you crazy, or a place you called home for decades. I never force my answers on anyone; I seek a collaborative experience where we both come away with a positive feeling that enables us to fulfill our goals.
I grew up learning from my Dad about how to fix things, usually bicycles, dirt bikes, or cars. My love for improving found a natural home in real estate. Renovating, reworking, and making a house into a home is incredibly gratifying. But my primary goal is to help you in every way I can to move quickly and easily forward in life.
Please give me a call, or submit your info today and let me call you to discuss how I can meet your needs."
—Brian Degener, Owner, We Buy Albany

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