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Case Studies: Real Customer Experiences

The Situation: An owner of a local two family had let the property go vacant a few years ago when he did not need the income any longer and wanted to just hold the property and be done with tenants.

Unfortunately over time the property began to fall apart as all properties do especially when not kept up. He received a call one day from the local building department that water was running out of the basement windows and the city had condemned his property and were requiring him to make costly repairs that he could not afford. He found online and reached out to me for an offer.

The Property: An older two family property that had a lot of issues, mold, wet basement, flooding, buckling floors, no heat, no hot water and tons of abandoned property from old tenants! While the property was in very poor shape I could see the potential opportunity to help get out from under his headache, put cash in his pocket and help lift the spirit of the block and neighborhood by bringing the property back to good rented condition.

CASH SALE! I was able to look at the property 1 day after we spoke, we agreed to a price the next day and made it quickly to a close in 2.5 weeks. We were able to help the owner move on quickly and easily and get the city off his back. I love renovating properties and look forward to bringing the property back to its full potential and help improve the area!

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